Intensif Vitamin E2 Serum

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 Soothing serum with a high concentration of Vitamin E² to instantly target sever sensitivity.

An effective soothing concentrated face serum that is highly concentrated with an exclusive Vitamin E2 complex for anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory properties. Shields cellular structures and restrains cutaneous hyperactivity.
Results~Instantly reduces skin redness pain irritation and swelling. Blended with cellular water that optimizes the cells. energy environment & boosts their activity.
Skin appears calmer more soothed and comfortable. Great for hyper-reactive skin prone to redness and irritation.


Apply Intensive Vitamin E2 Serum to clean, dry skin alone or before Intensive Vitamin E2 Cream and massage in.

For Who:

Hyper reactive skin, redness, irritation.


The skin is instantly soothed and better protected to effectively fight stressors that cause premature skin ageing.